Frequently Asked Questions:


Please do not attempt to link to the images on this site. We do not own the copyrights for all of the images contained on these pages. If you want to use our images for not-for-profit purposes, feel free to contact us (example: fan pages), or contact the client's representatives.


Pricing can be a complex topic, so we do not post generic or flat rates. We bid each job on it's complexity, the amount of work needed, and market, among other criterea. If you wish to hire us, please contact us at the provided address, and we will get back to you. We're always willing to work with our client's budgets (within reason), but we don't work for free, either.


Please contact us for scheduling.

Commissioning Work:

We use standard business practices when taking on commissions - we will review the project, submit a quote, and when the terms are acceptable by all parties, contracts will be signed, and we require a 50% deposit to begin work (refunds available under specific terms). Final payment is required when final materials are released to the client. We generally allow three rounds of changes/edits. Materials, props, and travel fees are applicable.


We will not under any circumstances contact our past and current clients on your behalf, nor will we share any details of any client, we take client privacy very seriously. This is not a fan page, every client we work with we value.
Any else? Please ask - we'd love to hear from you!


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